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Little Big Men Studios Shield Transfers for Khurasan Miniatures models

Detail of Little Big Men Transfers for Late Roman or Romano-British Infantry.
Little Big Men Studios creates gorgeous rub-on transfers to make your shields brilliant without the excruciating process of painting elaborate patterns and possibly having to do precisely the same thing again and again ... and again. Better, unlike many of the decals that are available, they have a "painted" look so that they don't clash with your painted models. After a little practice (which is highly recommended), I had no problem applying them.

For instructions on applying and finishing these stunning little works of art, please see the LBMS website's instruction page. (An additional suggestion: I feel that the transfers find better purchase on the shields if I paint them white, let that dry, then gloss-coat the white shields, and let that dry too.)

Images below are greatly reduced not just in size, but also in resolution. It's a bit of work getting them on, but painting them to anywhere near such a standard would be a life's work, if possible at all! Also, like anything else in life, the truly worthwhile things take a little practice, so set aside some time to get used to working with them, don't try to apply them to a unit expecting to get it perfect on the first go. They will truly make your models come alive.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
GERM1Later German Shield Designs (cavalry/infantry)$5.29
SAX1Ango-Saxon/Anglo-Dane Round Shield Designs$5.29
NORM1Norman Kite Shield Designs$5.29
VIK1Viking Shield Designs 1$5.29
VIK2Viking Shield Designs 2$5.29
LIRC1Late Roman Cavalry Designs$5.29
LIRI1Late Roman Infantry Designs 1$5.29
LIRI2Late Roman Infantry Designs 2$5.29
LIRI3Late Roman Infantry Designs 3$5.29
LIRI4Late Roman Infantry Designs 4$5.29
LIRI5Late Roman Infantry Designs 5$5.29
LIRI6Late Roman Infantry Designs 6$5.29
LIRI7Late Roman/Early Byzantine Infantry Designs 7$5.29
LIRI8Late Roman/Early Byzantine Infantry Designs 8$5.29
LIRI9Late Roman/Romano-British Infantry Designs 9$5.29
BYZ1Nikeforian Byzantine Cavalry Designs$5.29 Being remade for new shield shapes!
BYZ2Nikeforian Byzantine Infantry Designs 2$5.29
BYZ3Nikeforian Byzantine Infantry Designs 3$5.29
BYZ4Nikeforian Byzantine Infantry Designs 4$5.29
BYZ5Nikeforian Byzantine Infantry Designs 5$5.29