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Late Roman to Early Byzantine, 3rd - 7th centuries AD

Late Roman Legionary in chainmail and ridge helmet, and Late Roman Equites in chainmail and spangenhelm, as painted and based by Andrew Taylor.
A line of models for the end of the Roman Empire and the period of the Patricians, when barbarians changed forever the composition of the Roman armies, finishing with the Belisarian Byzantine armies in which armoured horse archers predominated (many of the more specifically Patrician and Early Byzantine codes are at the bottom of the list).

The essential troops are now all available. Variants of the essential troops will be added periodically.

Germans and Huns are complete as well and will have their own pages on the webstore.

Update July 12, 2009: added Patrician/Early Byzantine cavalry codes to the bottom of the list -- scroll down to see them.

Sculpted by "clibinarium."

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
LIR-RIDGE-CHAINLIR Armoured infantry advancing, lancea, ridged helmet, chainmail (x 12, three poses)$7.99
LIR-SPANGEN-CHAINLIR Armoured infantry advancing, lancea, spangenhelm, chainmail (x 12, three poses) $7.99
LIR-RIDGE-CHAIN-CMLIR Armoured infantry command, ridged helmet, chainmail (x 6, three poses)$3.99
LIR-SPANGEN-CHAIN-CMLIR Armoured infantry command, spangenhelm, chainmail (x 6, three poses)$3.99
LIR-RIDGE-UNARMLIR Unarmoured infantry advancing, lancea, ridged helmet (x 12, three poses)$7.99
LIR-SPANGEN-UNARMLIR Unarmoured infantry advancing, lancea, spangenhelm (x 12, three poses) $7.99
LIR-RIDGE-UNARM-CMLIR Unarmoured infantry command, ridged helmet (x 6, three poses)$3.99
LIR-SPANGEN-UNARM-CMLIR Unarmoured infantry command, spangenhelm (x 6, three poses)$3.99
LIR-INF-SKIRMLIR Unarmoured infantry skirmishing with javelins, spangenhelm and ridge helmet (x 4)$2.69
LIR-ARCHER-PILLLIR Archer infantry shooting, pillbox hat and bareheaded (x 4)$2.69
LIR-ARCHER-SPANGENLIR Archer infantry shooting, spangenhelms (x 4)$2.69
LIR-ARCHER-RIDGELIR Archer infantry shooting, ridged helmets (x 4)$2.69
LIR-SLINGERLIR Slinger infantry skirmishing, bareheaded (x 4)$2.69
LIR-ARTILLLIR bolt shooter, commander and two crew in Pannonian caps$3.29
LIR-CAV-SPANGENLIR Heavy cavalry spatha, chainmail and spangenhelm (x 6)$8.99
LIR-CAV-RIDGELIR Heavy cavalry spatha, chainmail and ridge helmet (x 6)$8.99
LIR-LC-SPANGENLIR Light cavalry javelins, spangenhelm (x 6)$8.99
LIR-LC-BOWLIR Light cavalry horse archers, shooting (x 6)$8.99
LIR-CLIBANLIR Clibanarii very heavily armoured cavalry on armoured horses (x 6)$8.99
LIR-ALAN-UNAR-HRSLIR Equites Alani armoured cavalry on unarmoured horses (x 6)$8.99
LIR-ALAN-ARM-HRSLIR Equites Cataphractarii or Alans, armoured cavalry on armoured horses (x 6)$8.99
LIR-HIGH-COMMLIR Mounted high command (x 6, two sets of general, musician, standardbearer)$8.99
KM-544Patrician/Early Byzantine Heavy Cavalry, bows (x 6, four breakwaist multipose models and two one-piece models)$7.99
KM-545Patrician/Early Byzantine "Bukelarii" heavy cavalry, lance and bow(x 6)$7.99
KM-546Patrician/Early Byzantine High Command (x 3)$3.99
KM-547Patrician/Early Byzantine small round cavalry shields (x 12)$1.99
KM-548Late Roman/Early Byzantine (Vienna Genesis) Soldier's Tent$1.39
TR-8Stone wall section (1 x 40mm length)$2.49
TR-7Supply Ox Cart$4.49