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Little Carinthia
15mm 1930s Eldritch Horror

It is 1932 and something is stirring in Naragansett Bay. In the quiet seaside community of Little Carinthia, a secret commune has been established within the luxurious, gated oceanfront compound of a notorious millionaire who has ties to bootleggers and the mafia in Providence. Whilst politicians, gangsters and starlets flock to the Victorian mansion and its private beach for many elaborate parties, on quieter nights, the locals have sworn that they've spied hooded men in red robes skulking in the shadows on the gated compound. Or ... are they men at all? For some have whispered that, when the moon is new, these hooded men pass beyond the compound and roam Little Carinthia freely, and glimpses can be stolen of faces, veiled ... and slithering.

And now, following a cataclysmic meteor shower, what unnamed fear swarms the woods and farmland to the northwest, devouring cattle to the bone and even invading isolated farmsteads? Rumours have it that there are malevolent little shadows being cast in the night -- and, very occasionally, a shadow of a singular ... something ... far larger, accompanied by an odour of brimstone.

Could these different rumours of supernatural terrors be somehow related? And if so, how? And why are so many people and boats going missing in and around Little Carinthia?

Papal Purgator Battalions

When it became clear that something hellish was unfolding in Little Carinthia, an ancient force was put to work.

They began arriving from Europe, Asia and South America, and were provided their robes and weapons by the local archdiocese. Knowing precisely what to do, the Purgator Battalion assembled and planned their attack on the abominations infesting the dark hills around the town. No one was better trained to cleanse this world of these terrors from another dimension. The Rifle Brethren, armed with Springfield rifles, engaged the earthly minions of the dark powers, aided by the Support Brethren with battalion-level weapons 00 machine guns and mortars.

But these could only do so much, for bullets and bombs may delay but cannot defeat a demon. This was left to the Exorcists, wielding the Flame of the Sacred Heart, the only earthly power known to banish vile creatures to the nether regions from whence they came.

All of the Purgators wore the ancient pointed hood, to prevent the demons from seeing their faces and thus stealing their souls. They were a powerful force, but would they be in time?

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
PURGATOR-RIFLESPurgator Rifle Brethren (x4 in four different poses)$2.99
PURGATOR-SUPPORTPurgator Support Brethren (x4 plus two weapons -- a mortar team and a MG team)$3.99
PURGATOR-EXORCISTSPurgator Exorcists with the Flame of the Sacred Heart (x4 in four different poses)$2.99

Giant Tentacled Mass

Oozing up from the ground, these horrifying creatures seem to bubble with eyeballs that appear and then recede into the slime. Most are large and many are truly enormous, and they have the strength of a seven-meter tall knotted mass of muscle, which they may well be. Tentacles constantly shoot from the blob of ectoplasm, grabbing cars or trees as if they were toys, tossing them aside in singledminded pursuit of their quarry.

These seemingly mindless beasts are often at the beck and call of the mighty demons rising to assert dominion over this world, but are they? For deep within the madness that is a Tentacled Mass, some glimmer of self-awareness seems to assert itself now and then ....

The Giant Tentacled Mass is an all-resin kit.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
LC-104Gigantic Tentacled Mass
Assemby instructions

The Coming of Ba-He-Mot

Somewhere in the deep woods which surround the farm country to the northwest of Little Carinthia, Great Ba-He-Mot has awoken, and thirsts for dominion once again. Its minions are unleashed from the pit to scurry about in vast swarms, casting malevolent, impish shadows upon the countryside by moonlight. But there are worst things deep in the chasm than the cruel Imps -- vicious Pit Fiends, great in size and strength, winged worshippers of the Worm-Goat God from aeons past who are bound to their lord for all eternity. And worst of all Ba-He-Mot's followers are Its "eyes," the Chosen of Ba-He-Mot, who are left in the world of Man even as Ba-He-Mot slumbers, so that upon Its awakening It will better know the world is lusts to destroy. (One such baneful creature has long haunted the Pine Barrens in New Jersey, for instance, biding its time, its existence only a whispered legend to most mortals.)

Models are white metal, except Great Ba-He-Mot, who is resin with pewter horns. Great Ba-He-Mot comes with a selection of horns which may be inserted into Its head in several different positions.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
LC-203Great Ba-He-Mot (one large resin kit with three different pewter horn sets)
Horn options
Size comparison to 15mm models
LC-200Imps of Ba-He-Mot (x30, five different poses)$11.99
LC-201Chosen of Ba-He-Mot (Jersey Devils)(two poses)$4.99
LC-202Pit Fiends of Ba-He-Mot (two poses)$4.99

The Cult of the Octopus God

What fell faith has the master of Sheparton Manor adopted, presumably as a result of his many trips to the Far East? Why is he harbouring mysterious cultists who remain hidden on his estate except when the moon is new ... or when the tide is high at midnight, when they congregate at the beach, praying seaward for some mysterious purpose?

Models are white metal, except the Octopus God, which is resin, and is supplied without a base. Cultists have a selection of heads (two sprues of three different) provided with each pack. Models painted by "Spacejacker."

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
LC-DOOMThe Octopus God$29.99
LC-100Octopus God Cultists with Rifles (x4 bodies and two head sprues)$3.59
LC-101Octopus God Cultist High Priest and Inner Sanctum Bodyguard (x4 bodies and two head sprues)$3.59
LC-30415mm Deep Ones (twelve models in six poses)$8.99
LC-103Sheparton's gangster henchmen (x 9 in various poses)$5.99

Things From Beyond

On clear nights they can be seen gliding down from the blackness of space, like shooting stars, only in a colour unlike anything anyone can recall having seen. They descend to earth, and those brave onlookers with the curiosity to go to the site of the crash and investigate are rarely seen again. Those few who return are quite mad. Now there are enough of these Things from Beyond that glimpses of them are being reported in and around the town by horrified observers. Sometimes they are spied shambling around on the ground, others rooted to the earth, waving feelers, some floating in the air, others striding about, a hideous mockery of man.

What are they, and why have they come to this blighted town? Or has a wave of mass hysteria gripped Little Carinthia, filling its beleaguered insane asylum to overflowing?

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
TTC-210115mm Things from Beyond, The Humanoids (x2)$1.49
TTC-210015mm Things from Beyond, The Others (x7)$6.99

Forces of Order

There are some who would seek to prevent the unleashing of world-ending terror, despite the threat to their sanity. But what can they do against such malevolent purpose?

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
LC-30015mm Police and detective (x9)$5.99