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15mm Modern British Army

This range represents the infantry and vehicles of the current British Army. The British Army has been in constant evolution for the past decade or more, which continues at present, and we decided as a compromise to make them for the late stages of Operation Herrick, so wearing the Mark 7 helmet and with the very heavy weapons load used by platoons in that period.

Backpacks are almost always separate (except, for instance, for the medic, who has his own unique pack) and the models were made so they can have the pack or not. Some of them have the LAW in the pack.

Whilst the helmet is the Mark 7, the Revision Cobra helmet being supplied as part of the VIRTUS kit-out looks similar when the cover is on the helmet, particularly in 15mm scale.

This range will be expanded -- the next model planned is the Challenger 2 which will have options for TELIC or the CLEP upgrade.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
UK-RIFLESModern British Army Riflemen with L85A2 (x4 in four poses, with separate packs)$3.29
UK-SECTION-WEAPONSModern British Army Section Heavy Weapons (x7 in seven poses, with separate packs -- two L85A2 with L123A2 grenade launchers, two L108A1 Minimi, one combat shotgun, one L7A2 GPMG, and one L129A1 sharpshooter rifle)$5.99
UK-PLATOON-SETModern British Army Platoon Set (x7 in seven poses, mostly with separate packs -- one platoon commander, one platoon sergeant, one medic, one signaler, one JTAC with separate laser device, one mortarman with M6-895 l60mm light mortar, and one assistant mortarman)$5.99