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15mm Cold War to Modern Russian Infantry and Armour

This range represents the vehicles and infantry of Russian armies from the Cold War to the modern period. Many of these vehicles were, and continue to be, widely used in proxy wars in the Third World as well. Every effort has been made to assure that the codes represent the appearance and equipment of Soviet and Russian infantry and armoured vehicles.

Chinese armour was often closely related to, or even directly copied from, Russian equipment, and so many of these models will be suitable to represent their vehicles as well. The Type 59 that is currently available is a virtual Forrest Gump of armoured fighting vehicles, having been in virtually every war in the Third World from its introduction up to the current day. The kit illustrated below is a Pakistani tank from the 1971 war with India, but this tank was also the main MBT of North Vietnam, was seen in the Iran Iraq War, and in many other conflicts.

Vehicles will be a mix of resin and pewter.

Notes on some individual sets

In the late 60s the Russians made the first steps away from the essentially WWII-era uniform retained for so long, and in 1970 a somewhat modernised uniform was adopted. That is the uniform worn by our sets of 70s Motor Rifles. The Riflemen set has the squad medic and three other "vanilla" riflemen, and the squad heavy weapons are provided in a separate set -- three poses of RPG men and assistant RPG men with AKs, and three poses with RPKs. As the platoon had three squads, one pack of riflemen and one of heavy weapons makes up exactly one platoon's worth of squads (three seven man squads). Add the platoon set for the platoon's command, marksman, and two teams of PKM machine guns attached to the platoon from the company's MG platoon. A set of these three packs to form a complete platoon is available at a discount as well.

The 80s Motor Rifles are modifications to the 70s Motor Rifles, with updated weapons, the later assault pack, and no shoulder boards or collar tabs.

After the invasion of Georgia, many shortcomings were revealed in Russian infantry equipment and doctrine. An effort to reverse that was iniutiated in the RATNIK program. Russian special forces appear to have received many of the RATNIK upgrades -- digital information systems, knee and elbow protection, better helmets and body armour, eye protection, etc. -- and Russian demonstration videos showed motor rifles in similar upgrades, but the 2022 invasion of Ukraine showed that the full upgrade has so far been applied only to elites, and the 2022 Russian Motor Rifles, even in better formations, appear to have received only the helmet and body armour upgrades.

At least in 2014, and to some extent in Russian operations in Syria, the VDV and Spetsnaz forces seem to have received more of the RATNIK equipment, such as elbow and knew protection. The Wagners would look more like this than the Motor Rifle squads.

The T90A Vladimir is a very substantial upgrade of the T-72 tank with many new features and improvements, including active and passive defense systems, such as the Shtora electro-optical system and the advanced Kontakt-5 ERA. Please note this model represents the newest variant of the T90 and is only fielded at present by select units of the Russian Army. It has the new turret which is radically reshaped from the traditional hemispheral shape well known from the T-72.

Note that many older Soviet/Russian tanks are available as well, from the T-55 up to the T-72 and T-64.

As of December 2014, the T-55 and T-62 kits are being provided with pewter track lengths.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
70s Motor Rifle Riflemen15mm 1970s Soviet Motor Rifle Riflemen (twelve figures in four poses -- squad medic with bag and three other AK poses)$8.99
70s Motor Rifle Squad Heavy Weapons15mm 1970s Soviet Motor Rifle Squad Heavy Weapons (nine figures in nine poses -- three RPK gunners, and three two-man RPG-7 teams)$6.99
70s Motor Rifle Platoon Assets15mm 1970s Soviet Motor Rifle Platoon Assets (Seven models in seven poses -- Platoon Leader with pistol, Assist Platoon Leader with AK, platoon marksman with Dragunov Sniper Rifle, and two PKM machine gun teams)$5.99
70s Motor Rifle Infantry Complete Platoon15mm 1970s Soviet Motor Rifle Infantry Complete Platoon (one each of the Rifle, Heavy Weapons, and Platoon Assets packs, x28)$19.99
80s-MOTOR-RIFLE-PLATOON15mm 1980s Soviet Motor Rifle Platoon, x24 figures (three sections, plus two commanders and marksman with sniper rifle)$11.99
80s-MOTOR-RIFLE-SUPPORT15mm 1980s Soviet Motor Rifle Support Elements for Platoon, x23 figures plus weapons (three PKM machine gun teams in three different pose-sets, two AGS-17 teams, one 120mm heavy mortar team, one AT-7 ATGM team, one MANPAD team with SA-14, and three squad member figures with RPG-18)$16.99
80s-MOTOR-RIFLE-DEAL15mm 1980s Soviet Motor Rifle Infantry Deal -- one platoon set and one support weapon set (one pack of each of the above, x47 figures plus weapons)$26.99
2022-VDV-SQUAD-1-215mm 2022 Russian VDV (or similar elite such as Spetsnaz) Squad 1 or 2 in full RATNIK upgrade, x5 figures (AK74 squad leader, Pecheneg gunner, assistant gunner, one AK74 under-barrel grenade launcher, one AK74)$4.99
2022-VDV-SQUAD-315mm 2022 Russian VDV (or similar elite such as Spetsnaz) Squad 3 in full RATNIK upgrade, x5 figures (AK74 platoon commander, AK74 squad leader, grenadier, assistant grenadier, AK74 under-barrel grenade launcher)$4.99
2022-VDV-PLATOON-DEAL15mm 2022 VDV Platoon Deal: Two packs of 2022 VDV Squad 1 or 2, one pack of 2022 VDV Squad 3$14.39
2022-MOTOR-RIFLE-SQUAD15mm 2022 Russian Motor Rifle Squad in partial RATNIK upgrade (BTR, BMP is minus one man), x7 figures (AK74 squad leader, grenadier, assistant grenadier, Pecheneg gunner, two AK74 under-barrel grenade launchers, one AK74)$6.99
2022-MOTOR-RIFLE-PLAT-COMM15mm 2022 Russian Motor Rifle Platoon Command, x6 figures (officer, senior nco, medic, marksman with SVDM, and prone Pecheneg MG team)$5.99
2022-MOTOR-RIFLE-PLATOON-DEAL15mm 2022 Russian Motor Rifle Platoon Deal: Three packs of 2022 Motor Rifle Infantry and one Platoon Command$25.99
15mm Tigr-M15mm Tigr-M Infantry Mobility Vehicle$9.99
BMP-1 Infantry Combat VehicleBMP-1 Infantry Combat Vehicle (resin and pewter model)$9.99
BMP-1P Infantry Combat Vehicle with Pintle-Mounted ATGMBMP-1P Infantry Combat Vehicle (resin and pewter model)$9.99
BMP215mm BMP-2 IFV (mixed resin and pewter)$13.99
BMP2-DEAL15mm BMP-2 IFV Deal, x3 complete kits (mixed resin and pewter)$38.99
BTR6015mm BTR-60 1960s-80s eight wheeled APC$10.99
BTR8015mm BTR-80 eight wheeled APC$11.99
BTR80A15mm BTR-80A upgraded eight wheeled APC (this kit comes with the original BTR-80 turret and the BTR-80A/BTR-82 autocannon turret as well)$12.99
SHILKA15mm Soviet/Russian Shilka quad 20mm AA tank (mixed resin and pewter)$13.99
RUSS-T90ARussian Army T-90A Vladimir Main Battle Tank (resin hull, turret and final drives, pewter detail parts)$12.99
RUSS-T90A-PLATOONRussian Army T-90A Vladimir Main Battle Tank Platoon (three complete kits)$36.99
15mm-T72B315mm Modern Russian T-72B3 (captured in large numbers by the AFU)$13.99
15mm-T72B3-Platoon15mm Modern Russian T-72B3 platoon (x3 complete kits)$39.99
T64BV15mm T-64BV Tank with reactive armour (mixed resin and pewter)$13.99
T64B15mm T-64B Tank (mixed resin and pewter)$13.99
T72AV15mm T-72AV Tank with Kontakt ERA (mixed resin and pewter)$13.99
T72A15mm T-72A Tank (mixed resin and pewter)$13.99
T72A-DEAL15mm T-72A Tank Deal, x3 complete kits (mixed resin and pewter)$38.99
T6215mm T-62 tank (one kit)$12.99
T62-PLATOON15mm T-62 tank platoon (three kits)$36.99
T5515mm T-55 tank (one kit, with options for early vehicle, or later vehicle with loader's cupola and turret mounted HMG, now with pewter track lengths)$12.99
T55-PLATOON15mm T-55 tank platoon (three kits, each with options for early vehicle, or later vehicle with loader's cupola and turret mounted HMG, now with pewter track lengths)$36.99
TYPE5915mm Chinese Type 59 (one kit)$12.99
TYPE59-PLATOON15mm Chinese Type 59 Platoon (three kits)$36.99