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15mm Modern Combat

SEAL operators painted by Piers Brand.

This small range will offer some models for modern combat, emphasising special forces and irregular warfare.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
RIOT-RAGE-RUN15mm Modern Western Civilians for use as Rioters, Rage Zombies or Runners-Away (ten models in ten poses, plus three sprues, each with a brick and a molotov cocktail) $7.99
ZOMB-GUNGANGS-1Heavily Armed Civilians with assault rifles (six models in six poses)$4.99
ZOMB-GUNGANGS-2Heavily Armed Civilians with Heavy Weapons (two models with SAW, two Models with Rocket Launchers, two models with light machine guns)$4.99
SOMALI-RIFLE115mm Somali Pirates or other African Irregulars with Assault Rifles (eight models in four poses) $4.99
SOMALI-COMM15mm Somali Pirates or other African Irregulars Command and Heavy Weapons (eight models in four poses -- leader with walkie talkie, gunner with PKM, and two rocketmen with RPG) $4.99
MOD-POLICE-USA1Modern American Police, Street Duty (six models)$4.99
PLA-HU5Armed men in parkas, mixed civilian weapons (x6)$3.99
PLA-HU6Armed men in parkas, leader and weapons (flamethrower and military automatic weapon) (x3)$1.99
RUSSIANS-PARKARussian Special Forces in Parkas (x8, six with AK-74, one RPG, one RPK)$5.99
PLA-HU4Armed rural Americans (x7)$4.99
MOD-115mm SEAL DEVGRU operators, OPS-COR helmets, wearing PVS-15 and face mask (eight models -- six with HK416 (two with grenade launchers attached), one with Mk 14 EBR, one with M249, and eight separate Eagle Yote assault packs)$4.99
MOD-215mm Terrorist Leader, Western Hostage and Three Talib Guards$2.99
AFGHAN-AK15mm Afghan Irregulars (Mujahideen, Taliban,etc) with AK47 (x8)$4.99
AFGHAN-SMLE15mm Afghan Irregulars (Mujahideen, Taliban,etc) with SMLEs (Lee-Enfield bolt-action rifles) (x5)$3.09
AFGHAN-WEP-COM15mm Afghan Irregulars (Mujahideen, Taliban,etc) command and squad heavy weapons (x8 -- two commanders, two RPGs, two RPKs, and two PK light machine guns)$4.99
PLA-HU1Soldiers in Type A Hazard suits, plus one civilian$4.29
TR-1715mm AK-47 (pack of approx. 58 loose weapons$10.99