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15mm Lost World/Adventure set during the Great War (WWI)

Follow the adventures of Janice Prishwalken and Richard Smith-Grenville, an American big game hunter and British archaeologist but also Allied spies, as they set out to foil the ambitious Imperial German Army captain, Kuno v. Schrecklichdorf, on Mystri Island, a strange and benighted dot in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Von Schrecklichdorf is having considerable success plundering the dark secrets of the island, and is busily shipping them back to the Fatherland via a pair of specially modified long-range U-boats. They are then tested, sometimes with horrific effect, in limited attacks in the trenches. Can Janice and Richard, assisted by their faithful Gurkha guards Nawang, Yubraj and Rambahadur, stop von Schrechlickdorf and his brutal Stosstruppen squad from finding, then unleashing these terrors on our brave lads in the trenches halfway 'round the world?

This line will eventually contain many of the "tribes" of Mystri Island, as well as various creatures living in its nether regions, the antiquated forces of the local governments (of which there are, at last count, at least three), and then the outsiders who intrude upon the steaming jungles of this mysterious place.

A primer to the Mystri Island campaign is in the works and will be posted here, then expanded.

Our Heroes

Kuno v. Schrecklichdorf painted and based by Carl Robson.

It is 1917 and despite positive developments, it is increasingly clear that Germany is losing the war. Hearing of strange, bellicose creatures on remote Mystri Island, which, rumor has it, can be bent to man's will, the German high command sends young Guards Jager officer Kuno von Schrecklichdorf to find and retreive these bizarre creatures for the Fatherland! And who better? This strapping young man, fully six foot two, is embued with a sense of honour and duty, as chivalrous as the knights of old yet determined to plunder the dark mysteries of this shrouded island, no matter what the cost. Armed with a broomhandle Mauser, quick wits, and deadly aim, he is a formidable opponent.

Janice Prishwalken painted and based by Jennifer Haley.
It became clear all too soon that v. Schrecklichdorf's expeditions were bearing fruit when terrible carnage, mysterious in nature, was unleashed in what could only be termed as "controlled experiments" on the brave lads in the trenches. The Allies were quick to respond, and top American spy, big game hunter Janice Prishwalken, was shipped off to track and stop v. Schrecklichdorf. Packing a Holland and Holland .600 Nitro Express given her by a grateful hunter whose life she saved with it, as well as two of the new-fangled M1911 .45 pistols, Janice is formidably armed, skilled in the use of all manner of weaponry, and intrepid in uncovering the mysterious! Gifted at befriending and communicating with all manner of people, and with a truly uncanny ability to read the instincts of animals, this "highly unorthodox woman" proves a critical defense of the Allies' cause.

Richard Smith-Grenville painted and based by Carl Robson.
The British Secret Service Bureau, having discovered v. Schrecklichdorf's mission, now sends one of their top men, the archaeologist Richard Smith-Grenville, to accompany the young Miss Prishwalken and get to the bottom of Fritz's activities in this mysterious, little known Pacific island. Matching the wily Hun inch for inch, the tall and handsome Smith-Grenville always dresses as a proper Englishman should, no matter what the clime, and is determined to teach the Kaiser a thing or two about conducting war properly, even if a certain degree of arm-twisting is required. At first rather nonplussed by having to work with a woman, Richard develops a respect for, and platonic friendship with, this "exceptionally remarkable young lady," and in the end it was agreed that no better team could possibly have been assembled. Many were the occasion in which the thunderous crack of Janice's H&H saved Richard's life from some scaly abomination -- and many were the potential slayers of Janice who fell to Richard's powerful Webley.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-115mm Mystri Island Characters Richard Smith-Grenville, Janice Prishwalken and Kuno von Schrecklichdorf (set of three)$2.99

Wildmen of the Savannah

Hominid painted by Chris Yaro.

Scratching out survival on the fringes of the Savannah, where the grass meets the trees, are the Wildmen of the Savannah, so-called by the human inhabitants of Mystri Island because they are not quite man but also not quite ape. Having only recently found the ability to use tools -- apparently overnight, the wildmen, previously fearful and meek, have grown more aggressive, and can be a danger to isolated travelers. But can they be made allies as well?

Sculpted by Phil Lewis.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-80015mm Wildmen of the Savannah (hominids, set of ten)$7.99

The Salamen (Salamander Men)

Salamen painted by Artmaster Studio.

In the vast, steaming swamps of the Mystrian Interior, the most mysterious members of the Herpetile Confederation dwell -- the Salamen, wading silently through the mire in pursuit of prey.

Unlike the Reptilian Hunters their hunts do not range across the face of Mystri Island. And unlike the hulking Savannah Lords, they do not pounce on any force foolish enough to enter their domain. But if you penetrate their swamps, they will be there, silently watching. Visitors who do not molest the sanctuary of the Salamen are left unharmed, but those who do damage to the Salamen villages or their livelihood meet swift and deadly retribution, from poisoned arrows or javelins flying with deadly accuracy from the dark recesses of the jungle, or sudden attacks from young Salaman braves mounted on huge predatory birds, flightless but capable of great speed on the ground.

Most mysterious and fearsome of all are the aged shamans who control the tribes, dwelling on the deepest part of the swamps, emerging only in times of war or other danger. So skilled are they at the black arts that it is said that no counterspell can lift the hexes they place on individuals or whole armies, limbs rotting off, faces melting as the victim dissolves screaming.

When the Herpetile Confederation marches to war, the Salamen serve as shooters, skirmishers and light mounted. Whilst a mighty Savannah Lord chieftain generally serves as overall commander, a fool he would be indeed to ignore the farseeing counsel of the shamans of the swamp.

(Please order these on the 15mm Fantasy page)

Undead of the Nightmare Coast

Undead Zombie and Vlad Hamyldon painted and based by Richard Lowles.

There's part of the eastern shore of Mystri Island called by all the "Nightmare Coast," and with good reason, for the living dead haunt these damned, pestilential shores. Zombies, corpses shambolically animated and desiring the brains of the living for consumption, appear from the jungle, or at times dig themselves from the very earth, sometimes seriously decayed, groping for the flesh of the living even before they have cleared the earth that has long held them. Not only men are infected by this dreadful malady, but also the giant Mystrian wolf, and packs of these Zombie Wolves rampage on the flanks of the zombie hordes, using vague brain echos of their packhunting former lives to encircle and annihilate the foes of the Walking Dead.

In command of this dark world is a pair of vampires -- legend has it, twin brothers -- one existing in manbat form and the other in the appearance of a handsome, elegantly attired yet undeniably fiendish human. The manbat wields a golden rod of terrible power, deeply ensorcelled with necromantic magic, commanding all dead things, and stealing the life from those who still draw breath.

and now, coming only recently by tramp steamer to join the brothers, is a new horror -- Londoner Jon Laney Jr., who was infected with the dreadful lycan virus whilst on the Scottish moors and is now a hunted man, for when the moon is full, he takes the form of a werewolf and devours the flesh of the living, his superhuman strength and cunning being more than a match for ten mortals. Unrepentant, he turns to the vampire brothers for the only shelter he can find.

All available to populate your Mystri Island games or add to any discriminating zombie, horror or pulp collection!

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-20015mm Vampires Vlad and Georg Hamyldon (set of two)$2.49
MYST-20115mm Zombies (set of seven)$4.99
MYST-20215mm Zombie Wolves (set of six)$4.99
MYST-203Jon Laney Jr., Unrepentant Werewolf$1.19

Armoured Behemoth

Armoured Behemoth painted by Artmaster Studio.

Eating swamp grasses and drier plants in the interior of the island, the armoured behemoth is a cantankerous beast with poor eyesight. If it senses something invading its territory, it simply tries to kill it! And it is more than capable of doing so, with vicious sharp plates protruding from its shoulders and a huge bony tail club that could bash in the side of a London bus.

Encased in thick armour, the Armoured Behemoth is avoided by most predators on the island as being exceptionally hard to eat! And human weapons simply bounce off it. Only a careful shot from Janice Prishwalken's elephant gun can bring one down ....

Sculpted by Michael Lovejoy.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-11Armoured Behemoth (Ankylosaurus)$3.99


He Who Kills by Artmaster Studio.

Living in the deepest jungle in the center of Mystri Island is a gargantuan flesh eating monster called "He-Who-Kills" by the Reptilian Hunters, who venerate him like a god. Held in dread by all, this titanic creature is the apex predator on the island, towering above all, a deadly hunter who knows no fear.

Descriptions of him from 1918 vary, some asserting that he had plume nodes on his vestigial forearms, others not noticing such an adornment. As such, we have had a set of separate arm plumes made which may be used or left off. (A recent discovery of a carcharodontosaurid fossil with likely plume nodes on its arms, together with definite plumes on the arms of other coelurosaurs like Tyrannosaurus, make it more likely than not that Tyrannosaurus actually had display feathers in plumes on its forearms.)

The model includes a large heavy base and depicts He-Who-Kills in his characteristic attack stance. As one foot is off the ground, a tree branch has been included which can be postioned near the body for greater stability. However, in our opinion it is not needed -- the model is seven ounces of solid pewter and it stands up well on one leg!

Sculpted by Michael Lovejoy.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-10He-Who-Kills (Tyrannosaurus model, optional arm plumes, and base with optional log for support)$18.99


Raptor painted by Chris Yaro.

As aggressive as a rhino and as heavy as an elephant, this great horned creature grazes on the plains of Mystri Island in great herds. Few predators dare to hunt them, and most of these foolhardy enough to do so find themselves gored and crushed as the irritable behemoths demonstrate their anger. Only the Reptilian Hunters know the ways of these creatures, and can at times bend their will to employ them in war.

These come in sets of two bodies and two heads. The heads are on ball sockets and can be mounted at different angles, and this allows the modeler to create a herd with many pose variations.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-9Triceratops (two models in two poses with two different heads)$10.99


Raptor painted by Chris Yaro.

When they encountered the raptors, the German explorers finally struck gold. For here were creatures of vicious and superb attack proficiency and when raised from the egg, of amazing pliability. However, when encountered in the wild, they were wily, ferocious and destructive almost beyond comprehension. Taking their eggs for shipment to Germany was almost suicidally dangerous, but anything to serve the embattled Fatherland.

Six poses of the dromaeosaur Deinonychus, a larger version of the famous Velociraptor (or of course these can be used as supersized Velociraptors of movie fame). In line with current scientific discovery, they are covered with feathers on their entire bodies except their faces, legs and hands, and have a fantail of feathers along the edges of their tails.

These would be perfect for 28mm scale Velociraptors as well -- they are just the right size for the scientifically accurate version of the animal in 28mm scale.

To read more about the raptors of Mystri Island, check this blog entry.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-6Raptor pack (six models in six poses)$5.99

Sabretooth Tigers

Raptor painted by Steve Dean.

Living on the edge of the jungle in the center of Mystri Island are majestic big cats with enormously enlarged canine teeth, making this strong, stocky animal a giant killer, capable of bringing down prey far larger than themselves. Fierce and untrainable, the sabretooths vie for the great prey species of the island with the raptors, and the two competitors often engage in wars over hunting territory. It is an even match.

Three poses of sabretooths, with the stout, muscular frame of the species, particularly in the front of the animal. These creatures are built to go nose to nose with big, strong prey species as they axphyxiated them with their mighty canines, and were amongst the most muscular felines that ever lived.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-8Sabretooth Tiger pride (three models in three poses)$2.99

Giant Ape

Giant ape painted by Chris Yaro.

In the steaming jungles of Mystri Island live enormous apes, larger than any encountered by man before. These creatures combine primate cunning with the strength of an elephant -- a terrifying combination. Extremely territorial and aggressive, the Mystrian Giant Ape is a formidable foe that is impossible to thwart without the heaviest of firearms.

The model is packed with a round sloted base. In addition to being a gigantic ape for 15mm gaming, it is also quite suitable as a rampaging gorilla for 28mm gaming.

To read more about the Mystrian Giant Ape, check this blog entry.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-7Mystri Island Giant Ape$4.99

Mystri Island Bloodworm

Bloodworm painted by Carl Robson.

The females of this horrible species frequently reach lengths of 60 feet or more, and live underground, making multiple tunnels to the surface, then laying in wait below ground, sensing the slightest vibration and the best tunnel to use to surprise the prey. The creature will then hurtle to the surface, impale the prey with its spiky mouthparts, and suck all of the juices from the unfortunate creature, leaving a dried, leathery husk. Naturally the prey often attempts to fight back, but the bloodworm's segmented armour is like steel, protection from the sharpest spear or sword.

The males are small and inoffensive creatures that live at the roots of trees placidly sucking the sap, and are sought out by the females only for mating, though they are a delicacy on Mystri Island when they can be dug up.

A towering worm monster well over 25mm tall, this creature will be a serious menace for your Mystri Island adventurers, and would even give considerable pause to a 28mm character!

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-4Mystri Island Bloodworm$2.49

Wooly Rhinoceros

Wooly Rhino painted by Chris Yaro.

Mystri Island sustains many species of animal thought by the world to be long extinct, including the Wooly Rhinoceros, a creature continuing to live in large numbers in the frozen southern extreme of the island. Aggressive and territorial, these animals will charge anything suspicious on sight -- and with poor eyesight, they consider everything they smell to be suspicious! Few creatures combine strength and speed in a combination quite as terrifying as an enraged wooly rhino, and enragement appears to be the default temperament of the animal.

Few are the masters who can bend the wooly rhino to their will. While the savage Doyta barbarians of the south have learned to harness the strength of the animals in order to pull the war chariots of their heroes, the rhinos are best known as the mounts of the mighty Lords of the Mystrian high savannah. The Lords buy the creatures at great cost from the Doyta, for no other animal has proven capable of carrying the fearsome Lords at speed.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-5Mystri Island Wooly Rhinoceros (x2)$2.99

Armies of the Penguish Civil Wars

Penguins painted by Chris Yaro. Chilly terraining added by Chris.

The very southern tip of Mystri Island is quite cold and there are subantarctic conditions, including habitation by penguins and Leopard Seals. Through an extraordinary event, one morning the penguins gained sentience and by late that same afternoon had split themselves into factions, the Kingfishers and the Penguinmentarians, and were having at each other on the field of battaile. Apparently the newly-sentient penguins had found an old history of the English Civil Wars and used that as their social guide ....

Intrepid explorers Janice Prishwalken and Richard Smith-Grenville had heard from their ally, the Reptilian Hunter Stalks-at-Dawn, that, in his words, "the ice birds are behaving strangely." Richard scoffed at the notion that birds could aid the German war effort but Janice insisted on investigating, knowing as she did that their German foe was not too proud to investigate any paranormal activity on the island. After a journey of four fraught days, she got pummelled with quite a few well aimed snowballs for her efforts!

These are 15mm-scale penguins (they are approximately 8mm tall), who, being now civilized, have seen fit to form themselves up in Regiments of Flippere (24 shotte with snowballes, 11 doughty pikemen with icicles, and one standardbearere with squid on icicle standard) or Regiments of Seale (ten fierce leopard seales, eighteen carefree, impetuous cavalieres with snowballes, plus a high commander and a standardbearere). Snowballers shoot at the enemy, the Regiments of Seals are (relatively) fast moving as the creatures glide along on the ice, attempting to bowl over the enemy, although the staunch icicle men will poke at the seales and attempt to turn them aside.

We suggest that these are useful for more than pulp gaming! Indeed they can be used as straight English Civil War gaming, except the casualties are simply birds who have been hit by snowballes and whose feelings have been hurt! Rarely is there even a scratch suffered in the Penguish Civil Wars. Sculpted by "Whiff Waff." Chris Yaro has put the regimentes in snowy little dioramas, which are not included.

Read more about the coming of the Mystri Island penguins to sentience

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-500Penguin Regiment of Flippere (1 standarde bearere, 11 icicle pikemen and 24 snowballe shotte)

Rear viewe
MYST-501Penguin Regiment of Seale plus High Commande (10 Leoparde Seales, 18 Cavalieres with snowballes, standarde bearere and his lordship Sir Robin Byrde

Rear viewe

His Lordship

Spearbearer Insectmen

Spearbearers painted by Chris Yaro. Antennae added by Chris.

It was a simple act, done many times before. Albrecht, one of v. Schrecklichdorf's Stosstruppen guards, tossed a hand grenade up at a coconut to dislodge it from a tree -- but no one could have anticipated what came next. The "potato masher" hit the ground, exploded though it had not been armed, creating a steaming hole in the ground, obviously having unearthed some sort of cavern. A rank odor quickly wafted from the hole, and a moment later, something worse emerged, whatever it was -- as large as a man, but with shiny armoured skin, unblinking orbs for eyes, rending mandibles, a razor sharp horn emerging from the top of its head, antennae, and swordlike claws for arms, it was ... an abomination!

As the dumbfounded Germans looked on, another such creature popped from the hole and let out a disagreeable whirring click of a sound. Then came another, and another, and ....

Tempting as it was to run from these horrors, now massing and looking intently on the little German search party, v. Schrecklichdorf realized that something had to be done, and fast, for they kept coming, and coming, and coming -- by thunder, thought v. Schrecklichdorf, would they ever stop? And now it was seen that upon their backs grew vestigial wings which periodically propelled the creatures forward along the jungle floor at great speed with a chitinous whir that made the skin crawl. Von Schrecklichdorf quietly gave the order, "we must seal that hole." And so the battle began ....

"Old school" bugmen with a thousand uses, from pulp to horror to sci fi to fantasy to Lovecraftian gaming! There are little cups on the sides of the heads to hold wire antennae if you wish to add them (we recommend it!). Sculpted by "Whiff Waff."

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-400Spearbearer Bugmen (set of five)$3.49
MYST-400WSpearbearer Bugmen Hive (twenty in four sets of five)$11.99

Reptilian Hunters

Reptilian Hunter painted and based by Raven Painting.

Lithe Reptilian tribesmen to stalk silently across your gaming table! Five different exciting poses. I love lizardmen, but thought there were enough big hulking lizardmen out there, basically orcs with reptile heads, so made these like a reptilian version of stone age peoples who inhabit jungles -- perhaps a bit on the small side, but tireless, wiry, muscular and fit. They are totally naked so as to fit into any gaming background that uses fantastic elements. I think they'd made superb Venusian natives in a Victorian sci fi adventure too, for instance!

Sculpted by Dom Seys.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-30015mm Reptilian Hunters (set of five different poses)$2.99

About the Reptilian Hunters

The Reptilian Hunters are the masters of the jungles, swamps and forests of Mystri Island. Blending in perfectly with their environment, intuitively knowing how to stand amongst light and shadow to not be seen, they creep silently upon their prey, or at times their prey blunder right into the midst of the Reptilians, standing directly in the presence of their doom without knowing it. Alternately they can mass and charge on the prey, moving with blinding speed and amazing dexterity through undergrowth or across clearings to engage the enemy.

These ten separate tribes are exclusively carnivorous, and will eat all and any meat, including members of the other nine tribes (but there is no cannibalism within a tribe). Leading a semi-nomadic lifestyle, possessing near perfect night vision, they are the apex sentient predators on Mystri Island. For all their guns and technology, the humans in the urban settlements know that, if the Reptilians wish to hunt them, they will end up simply as prey, and indeed the Reptilians do periodically launch limited forays even into the ciudades. And to the many human tribes in the Mystrian outback, the Reptilians simply spell death. Fortunately, their numbers are relatively few, and their taste in flesh is varied.

Many are their methods of attack. Incredibly fast and skillful with their simple but expertly crafted weaponry, when they duel each other the clashes are a spectacle to watch, the weapons a blur, the small turtleshell bucklers fending off blows few humans could even see coming. When hunting other animals, they add a third, unstoppable weapon -- their own toothy maws, with a fast acting toxin emitted from a gland at the back of the jaw. One such bite usually means quick paralysis which lasts for over a day -- long enough to be returned to the Reptilian camp and eaten still fresh.

Small and lithe, these creatures are surely savage but not cruel or vicious, indeed mysterious are their ways, at least until that most unlikely of things happened -- a Reptilian, Stalks-at-Dawn, befriended American spy Janice Prishwalken after admiring her hunting skills. His tribe, the Cliff-Walkers, later became firm friends of the Allied Powers, and Stalks-at-Dawn became the only non-human to be awarded the Victoria Cross.

The Accursed Getinmahbeli

Getinmahbeli painted and based by Richard Lowles.

This line covers the strangest of all the human tribes of Mystri Island, the Getinmahbeli, or at least what's left of them (they had the men for dinner and the children for dessert), cursed to suffer from hunger despite the obvious surplus of nutrition they are taking in. This leads to a nonstop rampage through the jungles and settlements of Mystri Island, waxing ever swollen as they devour their way across the island, confronting and consuming new prey.

Design Note: These are essentially Kalinga headhunters, and use the weapons, shields, and dress of those people, although of course the historical Kalinga headhunters are extremely fit men who generally fight nearly naked! They were fashioned so that, in addition to the accursed tribeswomen, they can used as a humorous take on the DBM Polynesian and Melanesian list for the Moluccas. (As such, for those so inclined, a discounted price is available for large batches of the Getinmahbeli.) While these are sculpted as 15mm, because of their proportions they would make terrific little female pygmies in 28mm scale as well! Well, "little" in terms of height anyway ....

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
MYST-100The Accursed Getinmahbeli (set of 19 models plus 3 baskets of heads)$13.99
MYST-100HThe Accursed Getinmahbeli (six complete Getinmahbeli sets)$74.99

About the Accursed Getinmahbeli

The Getinmahbeli tribal elders couldn't figure it. The women of the tribe, normally svelte and weight-conscious, were hungry, very hungry, and had long since devoured all of the domesticated animals and eaten their way through the bush meat, yet still had a look of demented famishment in their eyes. It was, to say the least, disconcerting, the way they complained about ravenous appetite despite obviously being quite excessively full from all the recent gobbling.

What the elders, or indeed any of the Getinmahbeli men, did not know was that many of the women had recently emerged from their stilt-huts to taunt and mock a traveling old hag. The hag, who it turns out was, inevitably, a witch, had cursed these slender women to have all-consuming hunger, now and forever, until they ate so much they exploded.

Another thing the men did not know was that this was to be their last night on earth, for the women, by now driven to madness by hunger, would arise in the night and devour the men, dispatching them with their own headtaking axes, then boiling them up with the few remaining herbs.

The Getinmahbeli men are gone, so the women are on the move, looking for new sources of food. Looking very hard, in fact: an unstoppable shock front, stripping one area after another like rotund locusts. Oh, the hunger, the hunger....

One never knows when these wild-eyed maniacs will burst upon the scene, completely changing the balance of power on Mystri Island, impossible to reason with, attacking everything edible they blunder upon in their desperately frenzied hunger.