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Sixteenth Century Irish

Tyrone's Rebellion Foot Command
Figures for the Irish in the sixteenth century, culminating in the cataclysmic Tyrone's Rebellion, which was a disaster for the English and then for the irish. Although containing traditional elements such as light cavalry, lightly armed native Irish infantry and heavily armoured Galloglaich axemen, later in the century Irish armies also contained pikemen and arquebusiers, many of whom had experience fighting in the Spanish armies on the continent.

The shields on the armoured cavalry and the native Irish foot warriors are separate -- some of the shields have javelins cast on them. Pikes, cavalry spears and standard poles are separate and provided. Mounted command has a general, standardbearer, and priest!

Sculpted and painted by "clibinarium."

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
REN-IRISH-WARRIORS16th Century Irish Warriors (Kerns, Bonnacht, Etc) with Javelins and Optional Shields (x 12 in four poses)$8.99
REN-IRISH-PIKEMEN16th Century Irish Pikemen (x 12 in four poses)$8.99
REN-IRISH-ARQUEBUSIERS16th Century Irish Arquebusiers (x 12 in six poses)$8.99
REN-IRISH-ARCHERS16th Century Irish or Redshanks Archers (x 12 in two poses)$8.99
REN-IRISH-FOOT-COMMAND16th Century Irish Foot Command (x 8 in Four Poses -- Chieftain, Standardbearer, Piper and Galloglaich Leader)$5.99
REN-IRISH-GALLOGLAICH-CHAINMAIL16th Century Irish Galloglaich in Chainmail (x 12 in Four Poses)$8.99
REN-IRISH-GALLOGLAICH-AKETON16th Century Irish Galloglaich in Aketon (x 12 in Four Poses)$8.99
REN-IRISH-REDSHANKS16th Century Irish Redshanks or New Scots (Scottish Mercenaries) with Longbow and Claymore (x 12 in Four Poses)$8.99
REN-IRISH-ARMOURED-CAVALRY16th Century Irish Armoured Cavalry (x 12 in Three Poses, with Optional Shields)$17.99
REN-IRISH-UNARMOURED-CAVALRY16th Century Irish Unarmoured Cavalry (x 12 in Four Poses)$17.99
REN-IRISH-MOUNTED-COMMAND16th Century Irish Mounted Command (x 3 -- King, Standardbearer, and Priest)$4.49