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Renaissance and Colonial Spanish, early-mid 16th century

Cortes and standardbearer painted by Artmaster Studio.

This line represents the Spanish armies on both sides of the Atlantic, in what was the Spanish Century, when that empire stood astride the globe, dominating continental affairs as well as the colonisation of the New World.

The initial releases represent Spanish troops in the New World. Whilst some of them are dressed in typical European garb, many others have adapted to the native conditions and wear armour or clothing of native design or manufacture. Sets described as "Colonial" have some models which would probably not be suitable for European deployment.

It will be noted that the troops do not wear morions, the classic depiction of the Conquistador. That's because they did not wear that helmet until much later in the sixteenth century. The helmets and dress depicted on the models are derived from Ian Heath's book on the troops in the Americas in the sixteenth century.

Troops in the colonies initially used old-fashioned weapons, the crossbow in particular being popular and much used, but as settlements and organisation grew the use of smaller versions of the large mixed pike and shot blocks became more common. Our line provides models for both periods.

The line will eventually be expanded to include sets suitable for the great armies fielded by the Spanish in Europe as well.

We also make Inca, Chinantecs and Chichimecs for native allies of the Colonial Spanish.

Any flags shown are not included.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
KM-2907Spanish Colonial Pike and Shot Unit (x20, six pikes, two centre-company command, and twelve arquebusiers)$11.99
KM-2900Spanish Colonial Swordsmen (x24, 23 swordmen plus 1 standardbearer)$14.99
KM-2901Spanish Colonial Crossbowmen (x18, 16 crossbowmen, plus 1 commander and 1 standardbearer)$10.99
KM-2902Spanish Colonial Arquebusiers (x18, 16 arquebusiers, plus 1 infantry unit commander and 1 standardbearer)$10.99
KM-2904Spanish Colonial Armoured Lancers (x6)$8.99
KM-2905Spanish Colonial Unarmoured Lancers (x6)$8.99
KM-2906Spanish Colonial Mounted Command (x2)$2.89