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The Rise of the Garn -- 15mm Black Powder Sci Fi Gaming

In the 26th century AD the tyrannosauroid Garn aliens are one of the great rivals to the Federation of Human Planets, but like all other races, they had to literally claw their way to dominion over their own world, for multiple species had already reached sentience by the time the Garn had.

The most successful of these were the Arak, but there were several before them, all subjugated by the Arak before the Arak were in turn crushed by the Garn. The technology at the time was equivalent to that on Earth in the early nineteenth century, and like on Earth not all sentients had the same technology, some still living at lower tech levels.

This range will be perfect for VSF gaming, for sci fi gaming using aliens with early tech, or for some of the strangest Napoleonics gaming ever!


For many centuries the Arak were the great power of planet Torosus, with a balanced, professional army armed with blackpowder weapons -- a key advantage over the other sentients who had risen on the planet. The core of the Arak armies are the brood-battalions of Arak Infantry, armed with a short blackpowder smoothbore and a sword-bayonet. Many of them deployed in deep columns to better facilitate the war of concentration and manouevre that brought the Arak Emperor (called by some a tyrant), Qoor-Sekan, so many victories. Each unit was given a Spider Standard with a golden spider atop it, a precious and revered symbol of the unit's attachment to emperor and nation.

Entire Arak infantry units could, and often did, break out into skirmish formation to pour fire on the enemy -- combined with the concentration of force of the attack columns, this was almost always enough to secure victory.

Meanwhile, mounted on the powerful Great Plains Klor, the dashing Arakavalry would seek out enemy flanks or force opposing infantry formations to deploy defensively, giving Qoor-Sekan time to mass his own forces. Alternately, when the Arak were in danger, such as at the Battle of El-Oww, they could launch a desperate charge to delay the enemy advance.

Qoor-Sekan began his own career as a commander in the Arakannonry, a corps of heavy guns that can be deployed in small numbers to boost weak infantry forces or massed to blow a hole in the enemy lines. Against less advanced enemies, such as the Slith, the Arakannonry was often enough to win a battle singlehandedly.

At the head of the armies were Arak who had, by skill or cunning (or, occasionally, relation to Qoor-Sekan) risen to command. These hardened veterans who had risen to the Arakommand were awarded a leather cap indicative of their ability to order the instant death of any Arak which failed in its duty to army and emperor.

The Great Plains Klor is also available separately to represent the creatures as they wandered the great plains of Broodfast, the continent on which the Arak rose to sentience. Using their sharp fangs to catch and crack open the crawling fruit of the plains, these ornery creatures are powerful and aggressive, and capable of delivering a decapitating bite. However, they are accustomed to moving in herds and are very responsive to training, making them ideal war mounts. The Klor models have separate heads which are interchangable in order to give four different variations.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
ARAK-MARCH-ATTACK15mm Arak blackpowder alien infantry brood, march attack (x18 -- four each of four trooper poses plus a standardbearer and officer)$12.99
ARAK-SHOOTING15mm Arak blackpowder alien infantry brood, skirmishing or firing line (x18 -- four each of four trooper poses plus a standardbearer and officer)$12.99
ARAKAVALRY15mm Arakavalry blackpowder alien mounted (x4 riders in two trooper poses, plus x4 Great Plains Klor mounts in two poses with separate heads)$11.99
ARAKAVALRY-COMMAND15mm Arakavalry blackpowder alien mounted command (x4 riders -- one trooper pose, one spiderbearer, one musician, and one officer, plus x4 Great Plains Klor mounts in two poses with separate heads)$11.99
ARAKANNON15mm Arakannon blackpowder alien artillery piece (one weapon and three crew-arak)$4.99
ARAKOMMAND15mm Arak blackpowder alien mounted high command set (Two high commanders, two aides, plus x4 Great Plains Klor mounts in two poses with separate heads)$11.99
ARAK-COMBAT-FORCE-DEAL15mm Arak blackpowder alien combat force deal (x2 sets of Arak infantry march attack, x2 sets Arak infantry skirmishing/firing line, x2 sets Arakavalry command, x2 sets Arakavalry, x2 sets Arakannon, x1 set Arakommand)$118.99
GREAT-PLAINS-KLOR15mm Great Plains Klor alien creatures (x4 Great Plains Klors in two poses with separate heads)$8.99