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The Rodent Civil War

When war against Adlers was lost, Caesar Mouse was overthrown, and rats rose up, saying all cheese belongs to everyone. Menshimice did not concur and pressed war against Bolshirats. Bolshirats were led by Kommissars who gave many "incentives" to rats to fight against Menshimice.

This line of miniatures permits gaming of the epic sweep of the Rodent Civil War, occurring after the collapse of the Caesarist Empire of the Menshimice in the Big War. The rats, long an oppressed underclass, rise up, led by extremist intellectuals called Bolshirats, and attempt to establish the Squeeker's Paradise across the vast empire, and beyond. Their banners blaze with a golden wedge of cheddar upon a field of blood red. But the Menshimice resist -- soaked in vodka, wearing tattered uniforms, they are the sullied but unbowed legions of the Caesar, carrying their icons of the warrior saint Sqeekor. Recently, after the defeat of a brigade of Menshimice, the remnants fled, led by the lunatic baron von Gouda-Jarlsberg, to even madder adventures in the Back of the Cupboard....

On hand also are small numbers of the dreaded Adler -- victors against the Caesarist armies but then defeated by the Westerners, the Adler battalions stranded in the empire have formed free companies called Adlerkorps and will fight as mercenaries for anyone who will pay them, using their ferocious stormtrooper tactics they honed so well in the Big War against the Perfidious Bulldogs. Feared by all, the Adlerkorps are especially terrifying to the comparatively diminutive Menshimice and Bolshirats. Fortunately no leader of a local Bolshirat or Menshimice force has enough cheddar to hire more than a few of these merciless warriors.

Gamers may wish to use Chris Peers rules, Contemptible Little Armies, with these models, or perhaps even more ideally, the Fantasy WWI version of Akky's AR:SE rules. If you use the latter, we strongly suggest that the Bolshirats be the "Forces of Evil" ... if only because of the way they rally! The Adlerkorps can be "large creatures" to simulate how much larger and tougher they are than the Menshis and Bolshis. (If you use his rules, please contribute something to the Combat Stress Charity.) Osprey has also released an interwar set of rules that might be suitable. (The writers or publishers of the rules mentioned do not endorse this miniature line and we acknowledge their respective trademarks.)

Sculpted by Bob Olley and samples shown here painted by Andrew Taylor. The models are 28mm scale, but, being Menshimice and Bolshirats, are only about 20mm in height! The Adlers are of full height.


Cheese! Bread! Land! All power to the rodents!

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
RCW-BOLSHIRAT-OVERCOAT128mm RCW Bolshirats with Mousin-Nagant Rifles in Overcoats (x8 in four poses)$13.99
RCW-BOLSHIRAT-JACKET128mm RCW Bolshirats with Mousin-Nagant Rifles in Jackets (x8 in four poses)$13.99
RCW-BOLSHIRAT-INFANTRY-COMMAND28mm RCW Bolshirat Infantry Command (x3 -- officer, kommissar and standardbearer)$5.29
RCW-BOLSHIRAT-MG-TEAM28mm RCW Bolshirat Heavy Machine Gun Team (weapon and two crew)$7.99
RCW-BOLSHIRAT-PLATOON28mm RCW Bolshirat Platoon (eight riflerats in jacket, eight riflerats in overcoat, one command set, and one HMG)$39.99


God Save the Caesar! Well, yes, he's dead, but God save him anyway!

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
RCW-MENSHIMICE-OVERCOAT128mm RCW Menshimice with Mousin-Nagant Rifles in Overcoats (x8 in four poses)$13.99
RCW-MENSHIMICE-JACKET128mm RCW Menshimice with Mousin-Nagant Rifles in Jackets (x8 in four poses)$13.99
RCW-MENSHIMICE-INFANTRY-COMMAND28mm RCW Menshimice Infantry Command (x3 -- officer, kommissar and iconbearer)$5.29
RCW-MENSHIMICE-MG-TEAM28mm RCW Menshimice Heavy Machine Gun Team (weapon and two crew)$7.99
RCW-MENSHIMICE-PLATOON28mm RCW Menshimice Platoon (eight riflemice in jacket, eight riflemice in overcoat, one command set, and one HMG)$39.99


Gott strafe die Bulldoggen!

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
RCW-ADLER-STOSSTRUPPEN28mm RCW Adlerkorps Mercenary Stosstruppen (x3)$11.99