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In the 23d century, mankind found the Einstein-Rosen Bridges (ERBs), and designed ships to travel through them, mapping these "tunnels" across the galaxy. Soon the Federation discovered that there were other races that had found the ERBs as well, and it was just a matter of time before vessels from competing empires began to spar for control of the ERBs and for domination of the star systems accessible by ERB travel.

The Federal Navy

A Battle Class Cruiser

Federal warships are designed for flexibility and long range patrol. They carry a mix of directed energy weapons (sometimes called glasers), turret mounted naval rifles, and, on the larger vessels, various support craft and fighters. Most ships also carry at least one DPLS light spaceship for shuttle and other administrative work, although the DPLS can also be configured to conduct attack missions.

The Solar Class of dreadnoughts are the most powerful warships in the Federal Fleet and are named for stars, such as the FNS Antares, FNS Rigel, FNS Taurus and FNS Andromeda. Dreadnoughts rarely patrol. They are used to engage and destry enemy vessels, to subdue opposition on a planetary surface, to kill Magellanic Nomads, and occasionally to transport dignitaries.

The Battle Class of heavy cruisers carry the names of famous battles in human history, some well-known ships being the FNS Arbela, FNS Towton, FNS Dogger Bank and FNS 73 Easting. These warships patrol Federally-dominated ERBs and planetary systems and often spar with similar vessels from rival empires, especially the Garn, whose Merchant/Warships are constantly looking for weaknesses to exploit. The Battle-class cruisers also explore new sectors not settled by the Federation or alien civilisations, seeking new life forms and raw materials.

The Admiral class of light cruisers are named for Terran admirals. One well-known vessel is the FNS Agrippa. The Admiral class explores and patrols less-heavily contested regions of space than the Battle class, escorts convoys, scouts for enemy battlefleets and provides protection for larger vessels against enemy light craft and missiles.

The Planetary class of destroyers are named after inhabited planets in the Federation. Because most Federation planets have a number suffix, the class is informally known as the "number class." One example of such a vessel is the FNS Alderan 7. Generally not used for exploration, they otherwise provide similar service as Admiral class light cruisers, although they are more lightly armed and armoured, and faster.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
FEDERAL-DREADNOUGHT-NO-STANDFederal Solar-Class Dreadnought, no flight stand (one complete model ship)$15.99
FEDERAL-DREADNOUGHT-WITH-STANDFederal Solar-Class Dreadnought, with pewter flight stand (one complete model ship with a flight stand)$16.99
FEDERAL-BATTLE-CRUISER-NO-STANDFederal Battle-Class Cruiser, no flight stand (one complete model ship)$7.99
FEDERAL-BATTLE-CRUISER-WITH-STANDFederal Battle-Class Cruiser, with pewter flight stand (one complete model ship with a flight stand)$8.99
FEDERAL-LIGHT-CRUISER-NO-STANDFederal Admiral-Class Light Cruiser, no flight stand (one complete model ship)$4.99
FEDERAL-LIGHT-CRUISER-WITH-STANDFederal Admiral-Class Light Cruiser, with pewter flight stand (one complete model ship with a flight stand)$5.99
FEDERAL-FRIGATE-NO-STANDFederal Planetary-Class Frigate, without a flight stand (one complete model ship)$2.99
FEDERAL-FRIGATE-WITH-STANDFederal Planetary-Class Frigate, with pewter flight stand (one complete model ship with a flight stand)$3.99
FEDERAL-FIGHTERS-NO-STANDFederal Bader-Class Attack Fighters, with attachment hub but no flight stand (x3 plus one attachment hub)$2.29
FEDERAL-FIGHTERS-WITH-STANDFederal Bader-Class Attack Fighters, with attachment hub and a flight stand (x3 plus one attachment hub and a flight stand)$3.29

The Garn Confederation

A Garn Merchant Warship, seeking to
exploit lesser civilisations

The Garn Confederation is the internal political organization of that huge reptilian race, who are the dominant species in the Carnivoran Hegemony. Unlike the surface combat forces of the Hegemony, which are often made up of a variety of Carnivoran species, the navy of the Confederation is almost exclusively Garn in character, although it's not unknown for a smaller vessel to have Toran or Felid marines on board as well.

The heart of the Garn Fleet is the Garn Merchant/Warship. These heavy cruiser-size vessels, mounting eight ion cannons in four turrets and batteries of missiles, are easily a match for Federal or Pelagic ships of the same general class and weight, but their primary purpose is to exploit weaker species, enslaving those much less powerful, trading at an advantage with those who are capable of defending themselves. In this they are similar to the Vikings of Earth's "First Dark Ages," or the Dutch of the European Renaissance. Garn captains are very aggressive and it is not at all uncommon for a merchant/warship to attack a Federal warship unprovoked, probing for weakness. These combats are rarely fatal, however. Strangely, but in keeping with Garn character, it is just as likely that the same ship will hail the Federal vessel for a courtesy call -- so for a period of time the anxious Federal captain and crew will not know whether to anticipate combat or a rendezvous with the hulking Garn for a lively (if rather intimidating) "cultural exchange."

Smaller vessels exist as well, the Garn Light Cruiser and
Garn Destroyer (the equivilant of a Federal frigate). Usually captained by up and coming hegemons keen to prove themselves in battle, these vessels are generally handled much more aggressively than similar Federal light craft.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
GARN-MERCHANT-WARSHIP-NO-STANDGarn Merchant Warship, no flight stand (one complete model)$7.99
GARN-MERCHANT-WARSHIP-WITH-STANDGarn Merchant Warship, with pewter flight stand (one complete model ship with a flight stand)$8.99
GARN-LIGHT-CRUISER-NO-STANDGarn Light Cruiser, no flight stand (one complete model ship)$4.99
GARN-LIGHT-CRUISER-WITH-STANDGarn Light Cruiser, with pewter flight stand (one complete model ship with a flight stand)$5.99
GARN-DESTROYER-NO-STANDGarn Destroyer, no flight stand (one complete model ship)$2.99
GARN-DESTROYER-WITH-STANDGarn Destroyer, with pewter flight stand (one complete model ship with a flight stand)$3.99
GARN-FIGHTERS-NO-STANDGarn Attack Fighters, with attachment hub but no flight stand (x3 plus one attachment hub)$2.29
GARN-FIGHTERS-WITH-STANDGarn Attack Fighters, with attachment hub and a flight stand (x3 plus one attachment hub and one flight stand)$3.29

Magellanic Nomad (world-killing space monster)

These colossal creatures wander the void of space, mostly, and are usually observed coming from the Large Magellanic Cloud, hence the name Magellanic Nomad. They consume matter from space, especially gases from the outer rim of stars, and are capable of generating ion power internally. They can use this to propel themselves through space, and can also vent ion blasts at threats, from the front intake ('mouth") or a number of vents on the body used for propulsion. They use their rear flipper-legs for steering, putting them in the path of their own rear ion vents in order to change vector.

The maw never closes, but it scoops up gases and the occasional solid matter and can crush anything taken in with incredible force, contracting the maw so that thousands of huge grinding plates can crush the intake to dust. Around the lip of the maw are thousands of holes containing eyes. These are shed like a shark sheds teeth, and quickly regrown, so that the loss of eyes when struck by space debris (or fire from a starship) is not an issue for the creature. There are also batches of larger eyes on the sides of the "head" for viewing to the flanks of the creature.

Nomads can travel for tens of thousands of years without making planetfall, but when they do find a life bearing planet they will land and travel the planet, consuming life forms using thousands of slender tentacles with teeth on the ends. In this way, creatures as small as insects or large as whales are taken in and consumed. The tentacles are located in banks of vents on either flank of the creature -- when in space the front flipper-legs cover these vents.

The Nomad's flipper-legs have claws on the ends which give the creature traction as it moves across the surface of the land, partly supported as well by ion venting. When it is feeding in a liquid body the flippers propel it across the surfrace and a keel fin keeps it steady as the tentacles cascade through the liquid, harvesting.

When the Nomad has denuded the planet of life, which can take thousands of years, it will propel itself into space using "fuel" stored in its ion bladder.

Magellanic Nomads are a Class A1 Threat on the TPS (Federal Navy Threat Prioritisation Scale). Their extreme size and heavy armour make them exceptionally difficult to kill, and their ability to direct ion blasts from the vents located across their bodies makes them a match for the largest Federal vessels.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
MAGELLANIC-NOMADMagellanic Nomad, world-killing space monster (one complete resin model with an asteriod base and pewter flight rod)$39.99

The Pelagic Dominate

A Benthic Class Battlecruiser of the Pelagic Dominate

The sole purpose of the Pelagic fleet is to invade systems settled by terrestrial civilisations and hydrofarm the settled planets. First thought by Federal intelligence to be straightforward imperialism, this strategy is now believed to be defensive, to prevent incursions from extra-dimensional powers into Pelagic space, which are apparently brought on by the proximity of star systems with terrestrial civilisations. However, the details are not fully understood as the Federation has no diplomatic relations or trade with the Pelagic Dominate.

The Benthic-class battlecruiser is not built for trade or long range cruising. Its purpose is not to intimidate weaker civilisations, to trade or to make contacts and alliances. It is solely an emissary of destruction. Its exclusive purposes are the annihilation of enemy vessels, escort of hydrofarming vessels, and launching of testing attacks against terrestrial civilisations to determine the level of planetary defence. This last mission is often accomplished by dropping "bug dumper" pods containing Parasachnid bioweapons to infest the world and thus weaken its defences against assault and hydrofarming.

The Benthic-class battlecruiser's primary ship-killing arsenal is its formidable battery of Barb missiles, launched from dorsal silos. For close-in combat it also mounts short-range particle beam weapons, and larger ships can also carry fighter and attack craft.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
PELAGIC-BENTHIC-BATTLECRUISER-NO-STANDPelagic Dominate Benthic Class Cruiser, no flight stand (one complete model ship)$7.99
PELAGIC-BENTHIC-BATTLECRUISER-WITH-STANDPelagic Dominate Benthic Class Cruiser, with pewter flight stand (one complete model ship with a flight stand)$8.99