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T'ang Chinese, 7-9th C. AD

T'ang Armoured Horse Archer painted and based by Chris Yaro.

China, the "Middle Kingdom," achieved the summit of its military and cultural power during the T'ang Dynasty. Founded by the great Li Shimin, it would go on to cover an era of stability and progress, as well as conquest that expanded its borders even beyond those of the Han Dynasty.

We have sought to represent the Chinese as accurately as possible based on primary sources from the period and wish to thank Duncan Head for his assistance with this line. The bows have been sculpted in the asymmetrical form usually seen for the weapon in this period.

In particular we have gone to some length to assure that our infantry spearmen cover the full variety of tactical options suggested by their depiction in period art. Some use the spear two handed, without a shield. Others have a spear and shield, and finally there are poses of spearmen with archery equipment. It's also possible that all three were used by different infantry formations, possibly regional variations or preferences of their commanders. This allows gamers to choose which interpretation of tactics available in DBMM to use, and all three are perfectly suitable to represent T'ang spearmen in Field of Glory. We've even made armoured spearmen with the ji halberd, for mixing with any of the above types or for anti-cavalry squads as permitted in FoG.

Sculpted by Rod Campbell of Highlander Studios.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
KM-1900T'ang armoured horsemen on unarmoured horses, with spear and bow (x 4)$4.99
KM-1900AT'ang armoured horsemen on armoured horses, with spear and bow (x 4) (riders from 1900 on armoured horses)$4.99
KM-1901T'ang armoured horsemen with spear only on unarmoured horses (x 4)$4.99
KM-1902T'ang "fast cataphracts," heavily armoured horsemen with spear only on unarmoured horses (x 4) (riders from 1902A on unarmoured horses)$4.99
KM-1902AT'ang "cataphracts," heavily armoured horsemen with spear only on armoured horses (x 4)$4.99
KM-1904T'ang unarmoured horse archers (x 4)$4.99
KM-1905T'ang general set (x 3) (general, hornplayer and standardbearer on unarmoured horses)$3.99
KM-1906T'ang supreme commander set (x 3) (warlord, hornplayer and standardbearer on armoured horses)$3.99
KM-1907T'ang infantry spearmen, two handed spear (x 12)$6.99
KM-1908T'ang infantry spearmen, spear and shield (x 12)$6.99
KM-1909T'ang infantry spearmen, spear, archery equipment and shield (x 12)$6.99
KM-1910T'ang infantry archer, asymmetrical bow (x 12)$6.99
KM-1911T'ang infantry crossbowman, Chinese crossbow (x 12)$6.99
KM-1912T'ang infantry commanders, officer, standard and hornplayer (x 6 in three poses)$3.99
KM-1913T'ang wheeled multi-arrow giant crossbow ("artillery"), officer and loader$3.99
KM-1914T'ang militia/unarmoured infantry archers (x12)$6.99
KM-1915T'ang armoured infantry with ji halberd-spear (x12)(for mixing with other spearmen or as "anti-cavalry squads")$6.99