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Below are various table markers, terrain pieces and playing aids for the 15mm wargaming table. Look around a bit as there are lots of different items here! And of course a few of them, such as holes in the ground, are essentially scaleless, so 28mm gamers could use those too.

15mm modern or sci fi cars and other vehicles

One-piece futuristic car bodies, some with plug-in swappable drives, these were designed to provide ready terrain features for sci fi wargaming. The first two sets come with a roadster and a sedan, and two drive plugs -- one set has two drive plugs with wheels, a three wheeled drive and a four wheeled drive; the other set has two grav drive plugs, one in high hover, the other in park/low hover. The drive parts are made of pewter and fit into a slot on the bottom of the car.

The utility cart is good for modern as well as sci-fi backgrounds, and makes for great clutter in industrial settings.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TR-2015mm Sci Fi Cars, Wheeled (two cars, a roadster and a sedan, with one three wheeled drive insert and one four wheelend drive insert)$5.99
TR-2115mm Sci Fi Cars, Grav (two cars, a roadster and a sedan, with one low hover grav insert and one high hover grav insert) -- figurine in photo is for comparison only and is sold separately)$5.99
UTIULITY-CART15mm Modern or Sci Fi Utility Cart (one cart, solid pewter)$4.99

15mm survivor's camp items

A set of items for a modern ad-hoc camp.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
POST-APOC-CAMPSurvivors' camp items (two individual tents, two mattresses, one chest of drawers, two shopping carts (one of which can optionally be empty), one campfire with a flames and an embers insert and a grill, and one sprue of small items -- a water cooler, a pack of water, a dutch oven and two frying pans)$8.99

15mm Southeast Asian Baggage Elephants

For thousands of years elephants have been used to carry baggage in Southeast Asian armies.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
SE-ASIAN-BAGGAGE-ELEPHANTS 15mm Southeast Asian Baggage Elephants (two baggage elephants with two handlers, baggage platforms, three large terracotta jugs, four large wicker baskets, and one large canvas wrapped baggage pile)$13.99

15mm Buildings

These will be 15mm building parts for your wargames table, some of which can be used in all genres, others a bit more specific in use. Many will be modular, others stand-alone pieces. Some pieces, such as the HVAC unit, will be suitable for different scales, the HVAC also being suitable as a smaller 28mm scale unit, or even as a 6mm scale structure.

The base and righthand side second wall of the food shack were added by the painter and are not part of the kit.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
FOOD-SHACK15mm Food Shack (all resin)$15.99
BUILD-9Modular Sci Fi Terrain -- Large HVAC Unit$4.39

15mm KILO OUTPOST Pre-Fab Fortification

Kilo Outpost painted by Martin of Fire Broadside
Sci Fi prefab fortification for protection against animals or insurgents. May also have some limited capabilities against higher tech forces, but its primary purpose is to keep the big swarms at bay! The starter set has ten parapetted wall sections, four heavily-armoured bastions (corner sections) with white metal gun turrets, and a gate section including separate door. The sections plug into each other by small tabs on the bottom that are not visible when the set is assembled. To expand the size of your outpost, additional sets of parapetted walls are available.

Designed by John Bear Ross. We recommend painting any parts in the set that are cream coloured resin with an auto body primer before painting them..

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
T1815mm KILO OUTPOST Sci Fi Pre-fab field fortification starter set (10 parappeted wall sections, four corner bastions, four doublebarreled heavy pulse cannon turrets, and one gate set)$39.99
T1915mm KILO OUTPOST additional parapetted wall sections (four sections of wall, for use with KILO OUTPOST)$10.99

15mm Modern/NF/SF Gun Case

Gun case showing four modern/SF rifles with drawers for ammo/batteries.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
GUN-CASE15mm Modern, NF or Sci Fi guncase (x1)$4.99

15mm Modern/NF/SF Vending Machines

Two vending machines to lend a little authenticity to street or interior scenes. Solid pewter! Please note that the two large screens on the big machine, and twelve small push-screens on the smaller one, are blank and have had the details painted on.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TR-2715mm Modern, NF or Sci Fi vending machines (x2)$4.99

15mm NF/SF Benches and Streetcleaner Bot

Four near future or sci fi stret benches and a little street sweeper bot. Pewter castings.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TR-2615mm NF or Sci Fi street benches and streetcleaner bot (x4 benches and x1 bot)$2.19

15mm NF/SF Crates

Near future/futuristic looking crates ("neo-crates"). Pewter castings.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TR-2815mm NF to Sci Fi Neo-Crates (x8, two types)$4.29

15mm Modern/NF/SF Barrels

Modern/futuristic looking barrels ("neo-barrels"), plastic or some other synthetic/advanced material. Pewter castings.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TR-2515mm Modern to Sci Fi Neo-Barrels (x10, two types)$2.99

15mm Sci Fi Starship Bridge Seat and Command Console

Seats to represent command or other crew chairs for spacecraft, these can also represent control positions in science labs, etc. They are two part, the seat and the control console, which is adjustable on the raised seat base (or can be left off altogether).

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TR-2215mm Sci Fi Starship Bridge Seat and Command Console (one set, pewter casting)$2.49
TR-22H15mm Sci Fi Starship Bridge Seat and Command Console (four sets, pewter castings)$8.99

15mm Cryo-Pod "Freezer"

Sleep pods taking their inspiration from many popular science fiction stories which suspend aging and slow metabolism, making very long trips in space more practical. Also can represent breeding chambers or other more nefarious machinery, or even escape or other individual-deployment pods. These are available singly or in sets of four, and were designed so they may be arrayed in a circle of four.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TR-2315mm Sci Fi Cryo-Pod "Freezer" for One Human-sized Person (one cryo-pod, pewter casting)$2.99
TR-23H15mm Sci Fi Cryo-Pod "Freezer" Position for Four Human-Sized Persons (four cryo-pods, pewter casting)$9.99

15mm Modern/NF/SF Street Light

Slightly futuristic street light to lend some authenticity to urban scenery, good for today and straight into the future. Approximately 45mm (1 3/4") tall.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
TR-2415mm Modern to Sci Fi Street Light (one light, pewter casting)$.79

15mm scale Sci Fi Interior Battleground

Whether your troops are venturing down silent passageways on a spaceship or attemtping to escape from an underground research facility in which something has gone terribly wrong, these resin pieces are perfect for livening up your interiors for gaming. Designed by John Bear Ross.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
TR-1115mm scale Sci Fi Interior Battleground Tiled Flooring, Long (150mm x 50mm/six inches by two inches, resin)$5.99
TR-1215mm scale Sci Fi Interior Battleground Tiled Flooring, Square (50mm x 50mm/two inches by two inches, resin)$2.99
TR-1315mm scale Sci Fi Interior Battleground Door Walls x 4 (50mm wide large door, 50mm wide small door (centered), 50mm wide small door (offcenter), 25mm wide small door)$5.99
TR-1415mm scale Sci Fi Interior Battleground Dead End Walls/Bulkheads x 2 (50mm wide wall, 25mm wide wall)$2.99
TR-1515mm scale Sci Fi Interior Battleground Computers, Control Surfaces and Desk x 6 (5 x Control Surfaces/Computers and 1 x desk)$4.99

15mm scale Modern/Sci Fi Tank Stowage Sets

Tank stowage painted by Artmaster Studio

Here are two sets of tank stowage that are modelled after stowage seen in modern conflicts but would also really liven up sci fi tanks and give them a lived in, authentic look. Each little piece is separately cast so it may be placed in varying configurations on different vehicles. (The turret it is shown on is the Siler superheavy tank, available separately.)

First set sculpted by John Bear Ross.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
TR-1015mm scale Modern/Sci Fi Tank Stowage Set$2.99
TR-10A15mm scale soft stowage for WWII to sci fi vehicles (1 x sprue with 7 pieces)$1.29

15mm scale Sci Fi Furnishings Set (Eight Pieces)

The computer and the cot from the set, painted by Artmaster Studio

This set of furnishings is for 15mm sci fi settings, and can be used in a dwelling or on a ship or spaceship. The set is pewter and is made up of a) a sofa, b) two chairs, c) a table, d) a shelving unit, e) a cot, f) a computer terminal, and g) a kitchenette (a combination sink, rangetop, oven and refridgerator unit).

Sculpted by John Bear Ross for our Sepulveda Hut modular sci fi structure, but available separately.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
TR-915mm scale Sci Fi Furnishings Set (Eight Pieces)$5.99

Late Medieval/Early Renaissance Wedge Tent

Medieval or Renaissance Tent painted by Artmaster Studio.

This type of tent would have been one of the most common camp elements in Medieval and Early Renaissance armies -- it's shown in various illustrated manuscripts from the Hundred Years War all the way through the Great Italian Wars. Perfect for Hundred Years War, Burgundian Wars and Italian Wars armies, as well as the armies of the Italian Condotta. This model is designed to fit on a base that is 40mm x 40mm. (The base it is depicted on is not part of the final model.)

Sculpted by Demether Studios.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
TR-3European Medieval or Renaissance Soldier's Tent (x 1)$2.99

Dark Ages Wedge Tent

Dark Ages Wedge Tent painted by Artmaster Studio

Probably most famous to English-speaking gamers as the Anglo-Saxon "geteld" tent, this wedge tent type was very common in many armies in the so-called "Dark Ages" and before -- it's shown in many continental sources as well, including Western Frankish manuscripts of the 9th C. AD. It's the perfect tent for your Anglo-Saxons, Anglo-Danes, Normans, Carolingians, and other armies of this period. In fact, one authoritative tent source shows it as the Tibetan Maikhan tent! (It shows the Tibetan tent we make as well and refers to it as the S'Bragur tent.) This model is designed to fit on a base that is 40mm x 40mm. (The base it is depicted on is not part of the final model.)

Sculpted by Demether Studios.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
TR-4Dark Ages Wedge Tent (x 1)$2.99

Street trash receptable

Street trash receptable painted by Artmaster Studio

Call them "dumpsters" or call them "wheelie bins," we all know these truck-loading steel garbage/rubbish holders from our daily walks in the street, and so now it's time to put them in your modern, sci fi or pulp skirmish games! The perfect thing to make your street scenes look more authentic, and they offer some cover for models as well. Best of all, they are on wheels so combatant models can move them about to make their own barricades. It's also fun to filth them up and put humorous labels or grafitti on them.

Sculpted by Demether Studios.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
TR-5Street trash receptable$1.99

Steel drums

Steel drum painted by Artmaster Studio

In the States they are "55-gallon drums," in the UK they are "44-gallon drums," but everywhere they are indispensible for gaming from WWII right up into the far future! Whether they are a load for a 2 1/2 ton truck, or are a rusting chemical hazard for your tabletop, these intriduce a fun and authentic element to any game. They can even be a unit, rolled downhill to blow up grey-painted M-47 tanks bearing Balkan crosses as the Panzer Lied ironically plays!

Sculpted by Demether Studios.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
TR-6Steel drums (x4)$1.99

Supply Ox Carts

Supply Ox Cart (complete pack contents) painted by Artmaster Studio

From biblical times up to the present in some locations, military forces have been followed by huge columns of oxcarts. Over the centuries their design has surprisingly changed little. Here, for your camp elements, is an ox cart unhooked from its beast of burden, filled with vital supplies for your army. Included in the kit are the cart itself with both spoked and solid wheels, as well as a choice of three loads -- a barrel for ale or foodstuffs which would be appropriate from the Middle Ages on; two food baskets, one of fruit and the other of bread; and finally a bale of hay or wheat. As you get all three, the extras would make very nice adornments on that base or elsewhere in your camp.

The image in the link below shows three different load options, and the final image shows everything in one pack.

Update November 2022: we have now added a set with two ox carts, as above but with one ox for each. There are still four different load parts in each of these sets (two baskets of food, hay or wheat, and a barrel) and each wagon still comes with choice of solid or spoked wheels, .

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
Supply Ox Cart, No OxSupply Ox Cart, No Ox$4.49
Supply Ox Carts, With OxenSupply Ox Carts, With Oxen$9.99

Stone wall section (Letzinen)

Stone wall section painted by Artmaster Studio

Many a battle has raged back and forth across a solid stone wall defense, and now we have made such walls available to gamers in convenient 40mm long sections. Perhaps the soldiers who are most famous for using these walls are the Early Medieval Swiss, whose letzi, which blocked passes through the mountains, were at times a fundamental part of their strategy. That said, war stories are filled with tales of stone walls being stoutly defended, and the gamer doesn't have to travel far to see that walls just such as this one continue to figure in terrain right up to the present day. And no doubt warriors of the future will seek shelter from laser carbines behind such walls as well! They have been sculpted so that they butt up quite nicely for continuous lengths of field fortifications.

Sculpted by Demether Studios.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
TR-8Stone wall section (1 x 40mm length)$2.49

Creature burrows

Sculpted by Demether Studios.

Holes in the ground to act as depoyment areas for various burrowing critters, or as objectives, or both! Also just look cool as scenery. These are white metal, and nice and heavy, so they won't skitter across the table if brushed.

28mm players will note that the basic burrow is perfect for smaller creatures too.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
TR-115mm Creature Burrows$1.99
TR-215mm Abandoned mineshaft$2.39

Tibetan S'bra-gur tent

Sculpted by "Clibinarium".

A tent for camp elements for a Tibetan army from ancient times right up to the present -- tents such as these, in simple unbleached fabrics, can still be seen today amongst the nomads of Tibet. This model is designed to fit on a base that is 40mm x 40mm. (The base it is depicted on is not part of the final model.)

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
KM-410Tibetan sBra-gur Military Tent (x 1)$1.99

Late Roman/Early Byzantine Soldier's Tent

Sculpted by "Clibinarium."

In the later Roman and early Byzantine periods, in accord with the rapid-response nature of army capabilities, the Romans abandoned the heavy, large tents they had used previously when the army's advance was a stately manner, and adopted a much lighter and simpler ridge tent, really just a piece of goatskin draped over a spear that was tied to two vertical poles. These tents are shown in the 6th century AD Vienna Genesis manuscript being used by civilians, as well as a 5th century AD miniature from Ilias Ambrosiana showing soldiers using an identical tent.

For a fascinating account of a recreationist's research and use of a Vienna Genesis tent, look HERE.

Our model is all white metal and in three pieces -- the tent itself, as well as two poles with small bases, to hold the spear up. The poles are slightly offset on their little bases so that you can put them up against the side of the spear. The tent is quite small, so two can be fitted on a 40mm x 40mm base.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
KM-548Late Roman/Early Byzantine (Vienna Genesis) Soldier's Tent$1.39

Field of Glory Cohesion Marker

Sculpted by "Clibinarium." Flocking and gravel added to the marker; not included.

Here is a marker to indicate the cohesion level of your units in the popular game Field of Glory. On the marker three of the edges are marked DISR, FRAG and BROK -- simply put the relevant edge of the marker up against the unit to show its cohesion.

Like your units, the marker is made of white metal and has a nice heavy feel to it. The player can paint it any way he prefers, and it can be flocked to blend in with the units. The player can also paint the letters of each cohesion level in a different colour for easier reference.

The marker comes with a separate handle for the center to make it easier to hold it and turn it around to indicate a change in the unit's cohesion level. For those who like casualty markers, we have already made a Late Roman casualty figure that fits right into the middle of the cohesion marker! We will add him to the page soon, and if there is enough demand we will make casualty markers for a whole variety of armies.

Khurasan Miniatures is not associated with Slitherine Software or Osprey Publishing, the copyright and trademark holders for Field of Glory, and they do not endorse this product.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
KM-FOGMField of Glory Cohesion Markers (x3; markers are two-piece) $3.99
KM-549Late Roman/Later German/Western Hunnic Casualty in spangenhelm, (replacement for the central peg of the Field of Glory Cohesion Marker (x3) $1.89Being painted