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Turcomans, "Converted Turks," Oghuz, or other Turkic Mercenaries, 8-12th Centuries

Turcoman light cavalry were a mainstay of many Eastern Islamic Armies from the eighth century onwards, particularly the Seljuq Turks, and fought in armies across Central Asia into China as well.

Models in this range are ideal for any of the wild Turkic horse archers prior to the twelveth century. These men commonly fought with a bow, being armed with a dagger for close defense. A few might have had a good sword, perhaps looted, and some fought with lances or other spears as well. Lassos were also used.

The models in packs KM-100, KM-100W and KM-100H are the same, they are just progressively larger packs, at a progressively larger discount.

Sculpted by Sandra Garrity.

CodeContentsPrice (US$)Order/Progress
KM-100Turcomans shooting/attacking, on Turkish horses (x 3)$4.49
KM-100WTurcoman Warband: Turcomans shooting/attacking, on Turkish horses (x 24)$32.99
KM-100HTurcoman Horde: Turcomans shooting/attacking, on Turkish horses (x 48)$61.99