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First, millions simply vanished. Chaos took hold for a spell, but then a sort of strange muddled status quo. But not for long -- two characters of great authority and charisma rose as if from nowhere to the front ranks of mankind: A great leader, and his persuasive spokesman. These two soon imposed a new world order which transcended borders and languages. They demanded obedience and claimed theirs was the one and only way. Many of the world's armies and governments bowed to them.

Some resisted and went into hiding or formed a resistance. These were hunted down and persecuted. A password of obedience was 666, use of which was an indication of loyalty to the new order.

But then, one day, terrific lights began to shine in the sky, it was as if a veil was lifted, and the new leaders were suddenly and starkly shown for what they truly were. The great leader was now seen to be a writhing, hideous thing too terrible to look at without madness. His spokeman, now shown to be a False Prophet, was a massive, many-eyed monster with ram's horns who shoved helpless victims into a toothy maw pulsating in his chest.

And these awful beings had legions at their disposal. In the war for humanity, the billions who idolised and followed the Beast and the False Prophet were betrayed, used as no more than cannon fodder, The Flayed. Shorn of their skin by demons with scourges but by some dark magic kept alive, in their agony the Flayed made a fierce rush into battle flailing and biting as they howled in pain, until the spell lifted and the corpse collapsed in a heap.

The strange assistants who had appeared as if from nowhere to help the great leader and his aide were also unmasked -- twisted demons with animal faces and fowl's legs, about the size of a man but with superhuman strength and cunning, able to take many bullets before being cast back to whatever blighted layer of Hell they came from. They could rip a man limb from limb or savage him with their enormous canines. These demons, called the Cercopyths by the False Prophet, were clearly the rank and file soldiers of Hell, the shock troops of evil. When the False Prophet moved on a resistance stronghold, inevitably hundreds of Cercopyths would be in trail.

Cunning are the ways of the Beast and the False Prophet, and their demon legions do not strike by frontal attack only. Materialising in the dark, isolated places were nameless, silent horrors who stole away souls. The few who saw these horrible things described them as looking like emaciated humans with horns growing out of their eye sockets and long barbed tails. They became known as the Lurkers in Dark Places, silently waiting for their opportunity in dark alleys, closets, under beds and in basements. One strike of their barbed tails immediately incapacitates all but the strongest victims.

Sometimes when the Beast or the False Prophet open their mouths, it is to utter lies. Other times it is to issue forth from their mouths vast numbers of Foul Spirits, bizarre things resembling winged, eyeless frogs, which then fly about the world causing mayhem and doing their masters' bidding. Their bite is poisonous and their skin covered with a thick toxic mucus.

Against these nightmares there would seem to be no hope, and indeed billions continued to serve the Beast and the False Prophet in thie deep delusion. But there were some who saw the truth and somehow held out. And before long, from the sky, in blinding light, help began to come ....

Of course, this is a cinematic Book of Revelations range, not a serious study of the Book of Revelations. It is offered so that you may get more use out of our popular zombie apocalypse survivors, giving them fresh and perhaps even more terrifying foes to fight. Our modern soldier ranges can also be used as either allies or enemies of the resistance. The models may all be used as demons in a fantasy setting of course, or for Sci Fi gaming as indigenous creatures on an alien world. See our range of modern zombies to find foes for these dark forces.

Code Contents Price (US$) Order/Progress
FROM-HELLFROM HELL -- one False Prophet model, three packs of The Flayed, two packs of Cercopyths, one pack of Lurkers in Dark Places and one pack of Foul Spirits (35 figures)$38.99
FALSE-PROPHETThe False Prophet, the Beast from the Earth (40mm tall)$8.99
CERCOPYTHSCercopyths, Legionaries of Hell (five figures)$4.99
THE-FLAYEDThe Flayed, Skinned Human Shock Troops (five figures)$3.99
LURKERSLurkers in Dark Places, Ambush Demons (four figures)$3.99
FOUL-SPIRITSFoul Spirits, Winged Demons (four figures)$4.99